Victor Chown

In Real Estate, it’s the little details that make the sale. When I have an open house, nothing becomes more of a discussion piece than my Custom Branded Notebook with all of my contact information on it. You’d be surprised how many call-backs I get from those books.

~ Victor Chown, CA

Victor Chown Custom Branded Notebook
Roger Temple

When we hold our seminars, we spend upwards of 100k to make the events perfect. Adding a few hundred for our Custom Branded Notebooks is like icing on the cake. You see everyone holding their notebook after the event and we smile watching our logo march out the convention center on a thousand brightly branded notebooks. It’s a win-win every time.

~ Roger Temple, NY

Roger Temple Custom Branded Notebook

We include one with every custom guitar we ship. Not only do our customers love getting a $4000 custom branded guitar, but they always email a thank you for the custom branded notebook we included in the case. You’d think they would email us to say how much they love the guitar. Thanks Joe, we couldn’t be happier with our books.

~ Elias Ripley, NV

Ripley Custom Branded Notebooks for. Every Musician

I put out 3 songs on a disc a few times a year for sale at shows, it’s different now than the old days of releasing a full album. Getting people to buy a CD at a show is harder than ever, but when it’s a CD and a small promo notebook, they often purchase two or three. It was the right thing to do, and I’ll keep doing it as long as they sell. New album in September, I’ll be sending my artwork next week. Thanks Joe.

~ Hayden, MA

Hayden Custom Branded Notebooks For Every Musician
Leaktronics CEO Darren Merlob

We got the books to put out at seats for our training classes. They were an instant hit. Guys don’t care much about bumper stickers and free pens, but they love the notebooks and they look incredible! Get some!

~ Darren Merlob, CA

LeakTronics Custom Branded Notebook