Custom Branded Notebooks At A Private Seminar

LeakTronics CEO Darren Merlob shares details of providing Custom Branded Notebooks at his seminars.

We’ve been using Custom Branded Notebooks for years. They just work! They look great and the quality is fantastic.

When we set-up for our training sessions and seminars, we have seating for anywhere between 15 and 150 attendees. Sometimes, like this time I’m going to tell you about, we seated people 8 each at a round table. There are always more seats than we have for booked attendees because sometimes we get late guests attending. We prepared about 200 seats for this particular event.

Every seat in the room had a place setting with a coffee cup and a pen with our logo on it, a packet with the training paperwork in it, a plastic water bottle, a business card, a baseball hat and a Custom Branded Notebook sitting square in front of the chair.

When the event was over and everyone was gone from the room, we started to clean up our belongings. We found pens and business cards on the floor, left on the tables and even on the floor in the hallway. Most of the coffee cups were still on the tables, people opted to use them for coffee, though there were cups available by the coffee station. Most of the hats were gone and disheveled training paperwork was left on every table.

The one thing we couldn’t find left behind were the notebooks. Even on the few tables in the back of the room where we had empty place settings for the potential of added guests, they were missing the notebooks – even when no one sat there! People just took them as they went out the door.

The notebooks are bright red and white with photos of our equipment, our website information and phone number and most importantly, our logo. Our customers are very loyal to our brand and they show it. It seems that owning an official notebook from LeakTronics was clearly important to them.

Our seminar was near where we were attending a pool and spa conference. The next day at the conference, we met with a number of the people who attended our seminar. Most of them were still carrying their notebook around, either in their shirt pocket or in the bag of items they collected at the event. They were writing in them, at other vendors tables! Some of the vendors even came over and asked where we had the books made.

That’s pretty powerful for being a promo item. I have to agree, they work and that’s why we use them.

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