How do I place an Online order?

  • It’s as easy as adding the amount of items you want into your cart into your cart. If you have a coupon code, submit it before totaling your cart and make your purchase with any major credit card.

Can I order an unusual quantity?

  • The minimum order is 10 books. After that, it’s your choice.

How do I send my artwork?

  • We have a page that fully explains the process and answers common questions. Once your order has been accepted, we will send a notice with instructions on where to send your art. You can use our pre-made Photoshop Template to either make your own cover or to size and place your logo and we’ll do the rest. All information is on the How-It-Works Page.

Can I submit a re-order?

  • Absolutely! We will have your original design on file. Just make your purchase and let us know it’s the same file we used on a previous order. The process to get it to you will be considerably faster too. We will still send you a proof to make sure it’s just what you’re looking for.

Can I make changes on a re-order?

  • Depending on the changes needed, it could happen that same day, or you can re-submit new art. When new art is submitted, it is treated like a new order. We can make it happen either way.

How do I make print-ready files?

  • We provide help, complete instructions and a Photoshop cover template here: HOW IT WORKS

How do I make a “full bleed”?

  • We provide help, complete instructions and a Photoshop cover template here: HOW IT WORKS

How do I know if my resolution is high enough for printing?

  • We explain on the HOW IT WORKS page how to do this. You want your file to be 300 dpi, or in a vector format like an Adobe Illustrator file. (extensions .ai or .eps work)

Do I need an RGB color profile or CMYK?

  • It doesn’t matter, either will work. We’ll prepare your file for print.

What won’t you print?

Should my file have guides on it?

  • No it should not. If you submit a cover file, use our template and remove the layer marked “DELETE THIS LAYER.” Follow all instructions on the HOW TO page or just contact us for assistance.

How long does it take to get my proof?

  • It takes approximately a day, considering business hours.

Can I change things after I get my proof?

  • Sure, but we hope we get it right the first time. We can make whatever changes you want so your book is perfect! Once you approve it, changes will not able to be made, however. Files that go to Pre-Flight or Print are in an irreversible process.

How much do the books cost?

  • For help, please refer to our pricing page here: CLICK HERE

How much to fix and re-send files.

  • It costs nothing. Once you’ve purchased your chosen book count, we’ll work with you to help get exactly what you want.

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Transactions are processed right on the site.

Why did it decline my credit card?

  • You’ll have to call your credit card provider or bank about cards being declined. We don’t have access to your financials.

How long does a refund take?

  • It can take up to a week.

How is my order delivered?

  • Typical boxed orders come by UPS. Short run orders may be delivered by the United States Postal Service.

Where do you ship?

  • We only deliver to the United States through website orders. For overseas orders, we require more details and shipping prices will vary by location. We do ship overseas, but not through direct website ordering.

What is your average shipping time?

  • When our QC department approves the print, it can take 10 days to custom print and deliver.

How long is the art approval?

  • Typically it’s 3 days max.

Can I use my own shipping account?

  • No. We have shipping pre-arranged globally.

How do I change my delivery address?

  • Once you’ve approved your artwork, the order gets processed and it will be delivered to the shipping address you’ve provided. The best time to change the shipping address is right before you hit the button to make your payment.

Will you ship to my post office box?

  • No. We ship to homes, offices, storefronts and businesses but we don’t ship to P.O. Boxes.

Are they any specials going on?

  • Sign up for emails regarding specials. We send coupon codes out often.

Can you send me back my files if I lose them?

  • We might be able to, but they will only be sent to the email address that we received them from.

Can I place an order by telephone?

  • Absolutely. But first, send us an email using the Contact Form and we’ll call you back.

What does Perfect Bound mean?

  • On Perfect Bound Notebooks, like ours, the pages are bound to the cover and held together by a thin strap of flexible adhesive, forming a squared edge. It’s infinitely better than staples or ring bindings. Perfect Bound Notebooks virtually last forever.
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