I often share what the director of one of the major electronic music distribution companies told me about their table-top takeaways for the NAMM show. He stated:

“We spent thousands of dollars on a trash bag full of thumb drives. Half of them didn’t work and a lot of them had issues with misprinted logos and color differences. At the end of the event, we wound up throwing away a trash bag full of useless thumb drives that nobody wanted anyway. There was nothing appealing about having more garbage to carry around in people’s bags and watching promotional campaign money go into the dumpster. That’s when we opted for Custom Branded Notebooks, and they work.”

TAMA Custom Branded Notebook for the NAMM Show
Gibson Guitars Custom Branded Notebook for the NAMM Show
PAISTE Custom Branded Notebook for the NAMM Show
GC Studios Custom Branded Notebook

A major part of enhancing the customer experience involves getting your name and your branding into their hands, day after day, so it burns into their memory. Cheap guitar picks on rusty chains and string, low quality stickers, pens and even business cards aren’t the way to do it. All of that stuff gets thrown away before the attendees even get back to their hotel. The Custom Branded Notebooks however, those are keepers.

A loyal fan of your brand has a sense of pride when they own something of value that has your logo and branding on it. Take someone who plays, or dreams of playing a Gibson Guitar? Well of course they want an officially branded Gibson Notebook! They look at it, some actually write in it but a lot of them put it on a shelf and treasure it the same way they treasure the guitar – they are brand loyalists.

A Custom Branded Notebook inspires more loyalty, opens more discussions and engages more social activity than a pen or a guitar pick will ever do. Stop wasting money on items that are just going into the trash. Custom Branded Notebooks offer a high quality alternative that brings a return on the investment. Try a short run and then re-order for every event you have coming up. Winter NAMM in Anaheim, when hundreds of thousands of guests will swing by your booth. Summer NAMM, where you meet face to face with business associates – give them a gift that endures. Musikmesse in Germany where you can leave the corporate flair of your industry in their hands to share across Europe and beyond.

Your branding, colors and logo, direct contact information, website and email go further on the cover of a Custom Branded Notebook than a simple business card does. Business cards get piled together in bags and stuffed together in drawers, you can’t tell one from the other. The Custom Branded Notebook on the other hand, is immediately available on sight and they know it’s yours because of the Custom Branding.

Try a short run of your own books and when you’re ready, make an order for the next big convention.

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