When you’ve got 20 students, or 1000 guests at your seminars – every chair should have a shining depiction of your logo waiting to greet each and every one of them. A Custom Branded Notebook lets them know they’ve arrived, and it binds a little bit of loyalty as they leave your conference. Roger Temple shared a testimonial with us for our website, let us share it here. It says it all:

When we hold our seminars, we spend upwards of 100k to make the events perfect. Adding a few hundred for our Custom Branded Notebooks is like icing on the cake. You see everyone holding their notebook after the event and we smile watching our logo march out the convention center on a thousand brightly branded notebooks. It’s a win-win every time.

LeakTronics owner Darren Merlob is also a regular customer who holds training seminars around the world for the leak detection industry. He shares a great story of his experience with Custom Branded Notebooks: HERE.

Leaving your guests with your branding to carry out the door goes a long way to getting your name in the hands of prospective buyers in your industry.

For your next seminar, gathering or training event, try a Short Run of Custom Branded Notebooks instead of keychains and other throw away items. We can virtually guarantee they’ll be the talk of the seminar and everyone is going to take one home … at least one, often they reach for two.

BOA Custom Branded Notebook for Seminars
SNHU Custom Branded Notebook for Seminars
LeakTronics Custom Branded Notebook