School Colors and Team Logos look awesome on Custom Branded Notebooks and they go far with class fundraising, class carnivals, public outreach events and student organization branding. It highlights school pride, and what’s more fun, a number of school customers have let the students design the covers that get printed – involving the student body in every step of the process.

We created a project with Custom Brand Notebooks where the students would design a cover for the graduating class. The participating senior year students all composed a digital image for the cover based on a theme. It was to implement school pride, using our team colors and a concept that expressed their feelings about being a student at our School. We have a heritage of music and small town pride, so there were a lot of designs that the students felt were exemplary. 

The students hung their designs and together, they unanimously voted on a design. About two weeks later we had a box of books and everyone in the graduating class took their copy home to share with family and friends. We’ll be doing this every year for our graduating class. It’s a winner. Thanks Joe.

We’ve also created Team Notebooks for baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and even science classes. Sometimes it’s just the mascot logo and colors, a lot of times it’s their own design. Students love the personal involvement and treasure the books when they get them. We’re happy to do the same for every school in the country.

Try a short run of your own books and when you’re ready, make an order for the next big school function.

Longhorns Custom Branded School Notebook
Dinos Custom Branded School Notebook
Hoover Custom Branded School Notebook