Business cards are an absolute requirement when you service Real Estate clients. That’s why we give them to you for free starting at every 500 Custom Branded Notebooks ordered. There is also, however, the clearly defined benefit of a Custom Branded Notebook.

In our experience, when brokers lay a short stack of Custom Branded Notebooks out on a table during an open house, not only do their prospective buyers take a notebook, often faster than business cards – but they get call backs. Want to know why? So do we, so if you figure it out, please tell us.

Many agents who represent high end residences, or buildings with multiple units, like to feature the property on the cover of a notebook with their contact information. Some have told us that when the client has that notebook, they look at it every day and it reminds them of just how much they love the property. It spurs call backs.

Where a business card instills the memory of an agent to call, a Custom Branded Notebook leaves the memory of the property they desire. No one throws away a high quality notebook, and when it’s got your branding, your contact info and even an amazing photo of that property they dream of … well, now we know why they get call backs.

Try a short run for yourself or a property you have landing on the market and if it works, we’ll re-run your order to fit the amount you need. When it comes to having people call you, instead of the other agent, leave them with a high quality Custom Branded Notebook.


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