Promotion is all about getting your brand, and the things you do, into the eyes, ears and the hands of the people who will support your works. Industries are built around promotion and public relations – but what’s better than a free gift that’s all about your brand? We say … nothing!

Everyone has a unique way of bringing customers back, our friend Eric has a good one. Open the case of the guitar you just had serviced and see a music notebook with his info on it – just so you know, when you need another guitar repaired, you’ve got his number.

Loyal brand supporters cherish every high quality item they have with your brand on it. people discard cheap imported items with stamped logos – everyone has pens, pens go in the trash. no one throws away a branded notebook from a company they use frequently. Your customers pay to use your services, and they benefit from them. With your promotional items, like your Custom Branded Notebook, it’s like giving them a gift to say thanks. You’re letting them know you care, while promoting the services they count on you for. They talk about it. They show it to people, they even share it on social media. That spreads the awareness of who you are and what you do to new customers, and the potential to grow as a business.

Image the multitudes of ways you can promote your brand with a Custom Branded Notebook. Try a short run and when you’re ready for more, just let us know and we’ll make an order that suits your needs.

Erics Guitars Custom Branded Notebook for Promotion