Organizations have a strong voice when they’re united and they speak with positive and factual messages. Sometimes getting the word out starts with sharing the organization’s brand in the hands of those who support it. We have helped support the forward moving practices of a number of health, human rights and social organizations that use Custom Branded Notebooks to raise their visibility. We can do the same for you.

Not all organizations are based on philanthropy. We understand that, and that branding isn’t always about creating an item that generates direct charity, but for the long haul – it builds brand awareness and customer loyalty. It has been our experience that when organizations use custom branded items, it’s the high quality items that can be used functionally that do the job. People shuffle through pens, chip bag clips and other low quality imported promotional garbage, even business cards get tossed into the bottom of bags to be lost, forgotten or thrown away.

It’s the perfect 4.5 x 6 inch notebook, branded with color and imagery of a company they know and have shared interests in, that gets kept, used and looked at often. Your name, logo and custom branding familiarizes that customer with you daily, and of course – it has all your contact information right on it. When it’s time to reach out to you, they know just where to look to find your number. It’s on that amazing little notebook you gave them and they’ve been using for weeks.

Try a short run with your choice of design for an event, a charity fundraiser, for corporate moral boosting or to give to consumers personally. When you know the response is positive, order what you need to help keep the momentum going. We’re here to help.

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