Fundraising events, family days and gala events all focus on branding. Charity suites with swag bags have all sorts of items from vendors and affiliates, but the focus of your event should be your custom branding. Your colors, your logo and your message should be memorable, and on an item they’re going to keep. While a bag might be filled with samples of other people’s sale-able items that get given away or sometimes thrown away, there should really be something of value that reminds guests of the amazing event they attended and just what it was fundraising for.

Everyone keeps a high quality Custom Branded Notebook! They are more than just good looking, they are useable after the event. People use notebooks every day. let them see your custom branding every time they do.

Try a short run of your own books and when you’re ready, make an order for the next big event.

At Family Day, a major corporation we worked with had multiple tables that guests came to for playing games, meeting celebrities and taking home items from the day to commemorate the event. Scattered around the studio lot on the different tables were short stacks of Custom Branded Notebooks. They were a hit! With the brand name on the cover, and the event name, they became instant keepsakes for people to show where they were and what they attended. Pictures of them started popping up on social media the same day! People were even having the celebrities sign them, commemorating the event; they’re going to keep that branded and autographed item forever – that’s social outreach!

Start with a short run and see how people react. When you’re ready, reach out and let us make a Custom Branded Notebook for your next charity gala.

Disney Family Day
St Jude Custom Branded Notebook
TJ Martell Family Day Custom Branded Notebook - Fundraising Events
World Aids Day Custom Branded Fundraising Notebook