Have you got some jargon, corporate flair or imagery you know is going to A) Stick in their minds, and B) It’s going to get people showing your brand and taking about it? Put it on the cover of a Custom Branded Notebook and put it in their hands. It works EVERY Time!

Ten people I know can’t go to Las Vegas anymore without spending an evening at the Waldorf – simply because I showed them the first Custom Branded Notebook design you see below. The imagery is appealing to a night out in Las Vegas.

Maybe your brand involves something fun, or interactive. It could be that you’re promoting a service, for instance –  landscaping; or maybe you’ve just got a good sense of humor that people appreciate. Express that corporate flair on the cover of a Custom Branded Notebook and watch the notebook do the marketing for you. Nobody discards a high quality notebook, especially when its custom branded.

Jimmy LaRoux tells us, “I used to put lawn signs up when customers let me, right at the edge of the road. They blew down, got run over or stolen – it didn’t work. I pulled three signs out of a creek one Saturday and I realized I needed a better way to get into people’s heads. I got this idea that if I put the Custom Branded Notebooks at people’s doors, especially the ones that needed a good mow, they’d call. Joe and his team made this design and well, I had to stop doing it. I just don’t have room in my schedule now for new clients because the books worked, and Illinois has never looked so good. Thanks Joe!

Ready to find that kind of success? Try a short run first and when you’re ready to go full bore, we’re here to make it happen.

Waldorf Astoria Custom Branded Notebook Design with Corporate Flair
Lawn and Order Custom Branded Notebook
Chase Cellars Custom Branded Notebook