With thousands of feet walking a convention floor, dozens upon dozens of people are going to visit your booth daily with interest in what your brand provides. At most conventions, they carry a bag, or a bucket, or even a basket. Those things fill with swag and piles of business cards and other literature. It rapidly becomes white noise. All those cards are the same size and they just blend together.

You took the time to brand your booth, brand your merchandise, brand the sign on the place where you work – so make sure you brand the item your prospective customer or business connection is going to take with them and keep. When they receive a Custom Branded Notebook, it stands out with your colors, your logo and your message wrapped around a fully useable and utterly desirable, high quality – 140 pages, which means its likely they’ll use it for the next few months. It’s a guarantee they won’t be digging though a pile of business cards to pull out your card every day for the next few months. Custom Branded Notebooks work.

When you put out a bowl of penny candies, Lifesavers, pens, business cards and other items that are going to get thrown away – put out something that prospective customers want to take and keep! They want to know about your product and services, maybe they’re loyalists to what you do – but it’s a guarantee, they’ll want a notebook, and your vibrant branding will be staring them in the face every time they pick it up.

At the Pool & Spa Show, a vendor shared with me, “Our books feature pool related artwork on them. We make pool poles for nets and vacuums. Half of the guys here use them, but don’t know to call us for them. They’re all pool guys, so of course they want a notebook with pool imagery on it, it’s free at a convention, they all grab one, most of the time two. Then they remember our name when they need a pool pole, they’ve seen it branded on our notebooks for months when they use that notebook, and that’s when the phone rings. It works. That’s why we use your Custom Branded Notebooks.”

We’re kinda proud of that! Try a short run of your own books and when you’re ready, make an order for the next big convention.

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